Biochar: an environmental solution


Introducing Forward Financing of Climate Carbon Projects

Biochar is administered onto farm lands through diverse application levels and preparation methods. The dosage and preparation process of the biochar primarily hinge on the particular soil circumstances and the components utilized in its production. It's frequently advised to blend biochar with compost or similar substances to enrich it with nutrients and advantageous microorganisms.

Biochar production operates on a carbon-negative principle, effectively diminishing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. During biochar production, the unstable carbon found in decomposing plant matter undergoes conversion into a stable carbon form, which is then sequestered within the biochar. Upon application to the soil, biochar securely stores this carbon for potentially centuries. In essence, the raw materials used in biochar production would emit larger quantities of CO2 if left to decompose naturally. By subjecting these materials to heat and converting their carbon content into an unreactive structure, biochar technology ultimately mitigates carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

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