Direct air capture (DAC) can be a valuable tool in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere


Introducing Forward Financing of Climate Carbon Projects

Direct air capture (DAC) stands as a promising form of technological carbon removal presently and is poised to integrate into a broader spectrum of carbon removal methods. Unlike its counterparts, DAC requires minimal space and offers versatility in siting, thereby sidestepping conflicts with existing land uses. It can be implemented on marginal lands or in proximity to geological storage sites, reducing reliance on CO2 pipelines.

Direct air capture (DAC), regarded as both a technology and a process, offers the optimal solution for extracting CO2 from the atmosphere to mitigate global warming. Unlike traditional carbon capture methods that involve trapping carbon molecules at emission sources, DAC directly extracts CO2 from the air. Moreover, enhancing energy efficiency in DAC operations can alleviate costs. Future cost reduction possibilities lie in advancements in air-contactors, sorbents, and the design of DAC units, with passive air contactors being among the recent innovations under consideration.

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