Finance new Carbon Projects and meet your Net Zero Goals

GreenTrade is enabling businesses to finance future nature and tech based carbon projects. Our role is to help companies decarbonize and to meet their net-zero goals by providing tailored removal and avoidance projects that fit their operations. We meticulously curate our Marketplace, featuring only initiatives of the highest integrity, validated by leading carbon market certifiers and supported by science-based measurements. Our direct financing solutions include pre-purchase & offtake agreements accelerating the development of new carbon projects.

Access to high integrity & quality projects (and its future credits)
Forward Planning and cost savings via early purchase commitment
Actively support development of new carbon projects
Build your own project

Discover pre-assessed carbon projects

Discover the ideal projects that align with your carbon mitigation objectives and budget. Each project undergoes rigorous vetting, ensuring transparency and comprehensive detail, covering team track record, financial viability, and sequestration claims for a complete overview.

Selecting high quality projects requires managing various layers of risk. When evaluating a project, we are assessing the projcet developer’s track record and are applying the 10x Core Carbon Principles (CCPS) Framework by ICVCM as well as the Oxford Offsetting Principles.

Projekt types we work with:

We assess our solutions across the following 6 main quality criteria:


We guarantee the incremental impact of a carbon project.

Co-Benefits and Biodiversity

We evaluate the supplementary benefits related to sustainability of our projects, ensuring alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Quantification of Emission

We quantify the climate contribution of a project.


We consistently track the enduring impact of projects using advanced remote sensing techniques to ensure carbon permanence and durability.

External Risks

We thoroughly analyze all external factors that could impact the project, such as country-specific political and economic conditions, regulatory shifts, and competing initiatives.

Project Developer

We carefully examine all project owners and partners, seeking out reputable track records and past successes.

How it works:

1. Portfolio Definition

GreenTrade and the Buyer collaborate to establish the specific requirements for the portfolio, focusing on aligning with the Buyer’s environmental goals and objectives.

2. Evaluation

Tailored to the Buyer’s goals and needs, we perform thorough due diligence and curate a selection of carbon projects, presenting a portfolio that best matches their criteria.

3. Contract

We finalize the documentation for a multi-year agreement between the Buyer and the Project Developer, which may include prepayment or offtake arrangements.

4. MRV

Throughout the project’s duration, we continuously monitor its progress, providing the Buyer with regular updates to ensure transparency and accountability in the achievement of their environmental objectives.