Accelerate the funding of your carbon project

GreenTrade accelerates the financing of new carbon projects by creating long-term offtake agreements with project developers for existing and future carbon credits and making them available for corporate buyers today. Corporate buyers reduce future price and access risk, while developers are able to secure upfront funding and are able to accelerate the development of new carbon projects.

Generate upfront finance
Get projects funded faster
Create direct relationships with buyers


Avoidance and Removal-Projects

(Tech- and Nature Based)

Reduction and Removal Projects are crucial in the fight against climate change. Both project types, are equally necessary for achieving a net-zero future. In our portfolio, we offer nature and tech based removal and avoidance projects for investment. All projects undergo a thorough verification process, which ensures that only the highest-quality projects make it into our selection.

Get your project listed on GreenTrade

How it works:


We evaluate both the technical and commercial feasibility of the project while also conducting third-party verification. Our approach employs a robust framework that examines various aspects, including risk assessment, quality factors, and perspectives from carbon, financial, and environmental angles.

Connecting to Buyers:

Should your project successfully navigate the assessment phase, we will then strategize on sales approaches and introduce your project to potential buyers, primarily corporates committed to long-term net-zero objectives. Upon detecting interest, we facilitate direct connections between you and the buyers.

Contractual Agreement:

Following thorough due diligence, we proceed to finalize the multi-year contract documentation, encompassing prepayment or offtake agreements, and oversee the transaction process.


Post-Agreement, our role shifts to tracking and monitoring the project’s progress and performance, ensuring continued compliance and success.


Why raise through GreenTrade?

Our dedication to transparency, combined with the direct connection between you and your investors, guarantees a fair and mutually advantageous partnership. Through access to financiers across the capital spectrum, you can proceed with confidence in developing your project, assured that the essential funding is readily available to facilitate your advancement.