Working Student & Intern: Sales & Partnerships 

This is an Internship or Working Student Opportunity in a purpose company that is tackling a multi-billion dollar market. You have the opportunity to combine your business knowledge with your passion for sustainability. Do you want to attract the attention of the market to a company that takes sustainability to its heart ? Use your skills to tackle one of the most critical challenges humanity has ever faced: climate change. You are at the forefront of our Go-To-Market (GTM) operations, hustling and bustling to make sure every company out there hears what we have to offer and is instantly hooked. 

Tasks / Where your expertise is needed

  • Conducting market research to find these companies
  • Launching high-impact campaigns in an appealing style to break the ice
  • Talking to prospects to identify their needs & wishes
  • Strategic decision-making: Be part of a purposeful entrepreneurship experience where your voice is heard across strategic topics

Requirements / What we are looking for

  • Passion and heart-centered professionalism with a desire to build a better future
  • Currently enrolled (or recently graduated) in business administration, technology, environmental management & science – a plus would be a Master’s degree in a relevant field (e.g., Forestry, Wood Technology, Environmental Sciences) 
  • ideally organized and met weekly campaign and prospecting objectives
  • Know your way around the usual outreach tool stack (CRM Tools, Linkedin, etc) 
  • Previous experience in BtoB Sales and Partnerships in the form of internships or similar, relevant previous experiences in sustainability and climate tech is a plus. 
  • You have a structured, independent and detail-oriented way of working and the ability to work on parallel projects which will include prioritization and timely completion
  • Business oriented mindset and positive attitude
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in German and English
  • Ideally based in Central Europe (Berlin/ Eberswalde is a plus) – Work can be done remotely. Hours per week upon arrangement, flexible around your schedule. 

Benefits / What we offer

  • Fast-growing climate tech startup with a great network of investors and partners
  • Instant opportunity to drive impact
  • We are a purpose-driven team with the ability to contribute directly to the reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions
  • We’re offering market rate compensation for interns and working students.


If interested, please email Frederick Leuschner: