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Time is no longer running out to act on climate change, if the world acts now and climate finance increases by five-fold annually, the net-zero transformation of the economy would set the world up for stronger economic growth by mid-century. We have the technologies, business models, and policy approaches today to deliver rapid decarbonization and limit global warming to as close to 1.5°C by century’s end.

We are enabling to finance "future nature and tech based carbon projects". Our role is to help companies decarbonize and to meet their net-zero goals by providing tailored impact projects that fit their operations. Our Marketplace is carefully curated, featuring only projects with the highest integrity, validated by leading carbon market certifiers and supported by science-based measurements.






Mitigate climate change by reducing 100mio tonnes of Carbon by 2030

GreenTrade is supporting developers to realize new offsetting projects while empowering companies to decarbonize and to fulfill their Net Zero Commitments.

GreenTrade provides businesses early access to projects and cost savings via pre-purchase and offtake agreements, while project developers secure upfront financing and are able to accelerate the development of a new carbon projects.

Access to high integrity & quality projects (and its future credits)
Forward Planning
Actively support development of new carbon projects

Avoidance and Removal Projects

Reduction and Removal Projects are crucial in the fight against climate change. Both project types are equally necessary for achieving a net-zero future. In our portfolio, we offer nature and tech-based removal and avoidance projects for investment. All projects undergo a thorough verification process, which ensures that only the highest-quality projects make it into our selection. Our approach maximizes environmental and social impact while mitigating delivery risk.

digital carbon credits 

digital carbon credits 

digital carbon credits 

digital carbon credits 

digital carbon credits 


Making the world a more sustainable place.


“Pian Upe” Wildlife Reserve in Uganda

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve (PUWR) (2153.8 km2), established in 1964, is one of Uganda’s most integral conservation areas. The landscape hosts the greatest diversity of species of large plains mammals in the country and comprises the only extensive grassland remaining in the Karamoja region of eastern Uganda. The southern sector of PUWR contributes to the internationally recognized Lake Opeta Important Bird Area under BirdLife International designation, and an array of endemic and migratory avian species are found throughout the reserve. However, PUWR’s biodiversity and role in the larger regional ecosystem are imperilled as, under current management, it struggles to generate adequate funding for comprehensive and effective management. The reserve’s financial pressures have become more acute with reduced tourism revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and funding shortfalls are evident in poor infrastructure (unserviceable roads and dilapidated buildings), inadequate equipment, and understaffing. These inadequacies exacerbate threats to ecosystem resilience, species integrity, and local community livelihoods.

Regenerative agriculture in the Indo-Gangetic plains

The project intends to generate additional income to the small holder farmers of Indo- Gangetic plain region for adopting improved agricultural practices such as zero till farming, cover cropping, crop diversification, farm residue incorporation, optimizing fertilizer application and efficient water management which provide a potential to not just prevent emissions into the atmosphere but also create carbon sinks through sequestration of carbon back into the soil. Globally, agriculture and allied activities, account for almost 22% of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and hence is considered a major problem contributing to climate change.

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Let's talk about Climate Change.

The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth. Let us nurture and protect our home, recognizing that every action we take today shapes the climate of tomorrow. Together, we can create a sustainable legacy for future generations.



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forward financing 

forward financing 

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carbon & impact projects 

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